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audrey barnes spent the day in winchester where she spoke with a woman who lost her only sister, brother-in-law and nephews in that crash. >> reporter: a family of four from stevenson, virginia, was waiting at a red light on martinsburg pike at route 81 in winchester. their vehicle was rear-ended and the gas tank ruptured killing all four people inside. this charred mangled mass is all that's left of the roe family's family. witnesses said it burst into a ball of fire after being rear- ended trapping and killing the family of four inside. samantha kirkendahl's sister amanda roe was driving. she, her husband mark and their two boys never had a chance. >> he never stopped. he never even hit his brakes. pretty much he didn't see them. he was drunk and blew a 2.4. >> reporter: police say 20-year- old steven boyes was driving the pickup truck that hit the family. the front end damage of his vehicle is chilling to look at. so is the large nearly empty open bottle of rum on his front seat. >> i'm at a loss because that's my only sister, my nephews, my brother-in-law, anger, pure hatred towards
and try to call. >> reporter: 55-year-old daniel payne left his home on winchester around 9:00 a.m. on father's day last year. >> just a normal day. what he did every day. >> reporter: he was shot in the back, the motive unknown. his killing happened during a violent weekend in the city. nine were shot, two died. >> they need to ask around more. it was right here. someone saw something. somebody called the ambulance, they had to see somebody. >> detectives have been back, we have searched the area, looking for witnesses, passing out flyers. >> reporter: now they need anyone with information to come forward but a year has gone by and the killer is not in jail. last year 53% of murders were solved and in 2009 files were closed on 59% of the cases. >> you can change how you are going to go on with your life. >> reporter: his loved ones lit candles as the celebration of his life tried to bring them out of the darkness. four children and several grandchildren. his wife of 28 years and a simple love to play his lottery numbers. >> i wish they gave him more time with his kids. >> r
above average, easton around 82. dover 84 in hagerstown and winchester and york, pennsylvania around 83. lows this morning, 62 in baltimore. so a little above average. 61 in winchester and oak lan at 59. -- oak lan at 59 and 56 -- oakland at 59 and 56 for york. today a. different day because we have an air quality alert. it's a code orange and the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups. you can see the areas in the orange. the eastern shore looks pretty good except foresees i will county under the code -- except for cecil county under the code orange air alert. 60 at the inner harbor. once you get into the 60s, you can feel the humidity a little bit. still feeling comfortable back into york and also in frederick and hagerstown, winchester more of the same and culpepper. the dew points will go up as the humidity will increase going throughout the day. especially tomorrow and the day after that. satellite and radar picking up on what's going on. things looking good. lots of sunshine moving in. but we are going to watch for the cluster of thunderstorms to die to the south and east. western
for winchester. fredericksburg, 72 degrees. this is really nice. i don't think anyone's really complaining about this weather. currently, 74 degrees at reagan national. we do have mostly cloudy conditions. dew point, 49. that's why it feels so nice. we do have winds though out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. here's a look at the national picture. yes, st. louis, the middle section of the country, dealing with some intense storms. we'll drop some of this energy into our area probably by thursday, friday. a better chance for some storms. not good news for the golfers. we're watching that system. but the better chance for some stronger storms thursday, friday, also a warm-up coming this way along with that system. here is a look at the future cast. so, we put this into motion. pause it is at 3:00. scattered, light showers, not everyone is going to see them. but they'll be very brief. i don't expect any major accumulations with this system here. after late tonight, by midnight and overnight, partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. highs today, look at these numbers, 79 for d.c. 78 in manassas. 7
and easton at 90 degrees as well and 77 in hagerstown and winchester in the 70s as well. we're looking at the moisture content. we're not seeing a lot now. 58 is the dew point now. we're not talking about a lot of humidity. we're going to be feeling better into tomorrow. the highs today into baltimore, 87 degrees and the upper 80s into winchester and also frederick. satellite and radar, we're not picking up on a lot right now. you can see the spin in the atmosphere. that's bringing scattered showers into northern pennsylvania and northwestern pennsylvania. we're looking at the bigger picture here. this cold front is behind it. we'll see a little bit of cooler air as the high pressure builds in here as we go into the weekend. it looks like a better looking and better feeling weekend. the future castor is showing you what we're talk about. we could see a few clouds saturday. we'll have partly cloudy skies throughout the day and more of the same into sunday. sunday evening, we could have a little bit of change in the forecast. right now, things look good. it looks like a dry weekend. don'
out there. from cumberland to winchester, ome areas of rain pushing to the northeast. lpeper, some areas of rain pushing to the north and east ving into the northern and central parts of fauquier ounty. in martinsburg. martinsburg. morning showers. two could be one or severe thunderstorms late this afternoon. high temperatures warmer. 80's. mid lisa, how is traffic? >> it is great. we're talking travel time. everything good between richmond and baltimore. complaints on the greenway. way. ll quiet between beltway in centerville. picture l up one quick the ffic moving across merican legion bridge. news chopper snetch a little while but now the news. >> thank you. t is 4:41 now. outside. a special ibute to dad. > she is making remarkable progress. >> but first a dramatic step on recover to >> and checking our top stories 4:44. n assistant principal at a uquier county elementary school is charged with ossessing and distributing pornography. joshua myers allegedly told an undercover agent he went to california to have sex with a child. suspended now without pay. canucks lost in the s
. what you're going to see around 2:30, this cluster of storms from around winchester south of hagerstown, this one north and west of town is pulling out into pennsylvania. life is quiet at the moment. ice lated storms here this afternoon. highs in the upper 80s to near 90. it is 4:30. angie goff has your friday morning timesaver traffic. >> i love that word. hope serve off to a great tgif friday. let's get started with 66 heading eastbound. no problems to report if you're making your way out of haymarket all the way over to centreville. the northbound trip, doing just fine. approaching the 14th street bridge, we do have the on-going construction project. stay off to the left to get by. moving to maryland, it looks like we have some crash activity near 495 -- actually, no accidents to report. we do have construction though on that ramp to branch avenue route 5. it has the ramp closed. should be open in the next 20, 25 minutes or so. in virginia, your inner loop is doing ok. crossing that american legion. 267, the dulles toll road headed eastbound, won't be able to access the ramp to the i
there. right now the temperatures not bad, around 78 degrees into dc. more 70s into winchester, hagerstown, up into york, pennsylvania. easton 73 now. this evening temperatures around 70 degrees. we will be mainly dry and we will get that light southerly breeze in effect as well. we definitely have a change on the way. more on that coming up. back to you. >>> summertime means pool time but some pools can be dangerous. 5:30 -- what you need to know to keep your child safe in the portable pools. and some high school students build a robot from scratch. how math and science is making a huge difference in their lives. plus, a dozen wildfires burning through several states. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit royalcaribb
. temperaturewise into dulls, coming in about 74 degrees and more into winchester and look at how cool it is into oak lap. that cold front has made its move and is passed through. you can see that in the dew points now. we're dealing with the drier air and that is what usually happens when a cold front passes. we bring in a new air mass and we're drying things out. 58 now at the inner harbor and we're feeling nice and comfortable outside. the highs, 87 degrees into baltimore; 90 into d.c.; frederick about 88 degrees and in the low 80s into york and hagerstown; winchester, 82 degrees and what is in store for tomorrow and the neighborhood? i had the forecast for you into riverside, around 86 degrees and i am going to call it a suncloud mix throughout the day. 85 degrees into feld's point as well. and satellite and radar not picking up a lot. the clouds, partly cloudy through the overnight timeframe and the bigger view showing you what is going on. the front passing through the area, less humid, cooler and the high pressure is building in through tomorrow and into sunday. the future caste
into the lower 90s. 92 at national. 90 in winchester and martinsburg and petersburg. the tappahannock airport, 95. even along the bay, not much relief there as annapolis still 87. now, the problem again is the heat, the humidity. talking about heat index values 100 to 105. up to 94 on that heat index. feeling more like 97 in manassas. 96 in winchester. heat is on and it will be here the rest of the afternoon. looks like we'll do a repeat for thursday as well. here's how the temperatures break down today. 96 at 3:00. this is reagan national. some areas by 3:00 could be 98. i think that will be our high. that would tie the record. 94 by 6:00. if you have evening plans, still rough to go outside for any extended period of time. 9:00 p.m. down to the middle 80s. hope the ac is working. if not, find a cooling center. we'll have high heat again. looks like there is a little hope for relief by the end of the work week. more on that coming up. j.c.? >>> thank you, howard. river road is now back open after two people lost their lives in a single motorcycle crash. it happened just before 3:00 this morning
around 83. not too bad there. 82 in winchester. york, pennsylvania around 79 and upper 80s in the charlottesville. so as we check out what's going on for the lows this morning, not too bad. you can see we are above average. 63 degrees into dulles and baltimore. 61 in easton and 55 into york. so feeling pretty good there in hagerstown coming in at around 61 and 57 into winchester. so the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. high pressure is building in. clouds are sagging to the south and high pressure builds in here, oh, yes, we will get more of the northwesterly flow and we will have a nice day on tap so make sure you get out there and enjoy it because we will see more changes in the forecast going into wednesday, thursday and also into friday. future radar not picking up on a whole lot. 6:30 p.m. this evening, being see a slight chance for a shower in the forecast. but i do believe we will stay dry. that will stay more to the north and east of us. and then as we go through time, you can see wednesday, out there, still going to be on the hot side. we will have lots
. 81 in frederick and 77 in winchester. 76 degrees in hagerstown and also into york. this evening the temperatures will be mainly dry and we'll see a light southerly breeze. then a taste of with a we'll see for tomorrow. our hour by hour forecast, we start in the morning, 66 degrees. again the chance of thunderstorms early in the morning, that will linger as we go into the afternoon with the high coming in around 90 degrees. back to you. >>> look at some of the items making top stories today. the death of his nephew has congressman elijah cummings on the campus of odu today talking about the importance of security. christopher cummings was shot to death in his apartment complex just steps away from old dominion university in norfolk. the congressman toured the campus today. he was a student there. his roommate was also shot. so far no arrests have been made. today the congressman met with university police and then cummings is asking for the public's help to solve christopher's murder. >>> tonight people are sounding off once again about those proposed toll hikes. lawmakers want
were inside their suv when a pickup truck slammed into the vehicle in winchester, virginia, on sunday morning. it happened on route 11 on interstate 81. the suv ruptured the jeep's gas tank, and it burst into tanks. the driver of the pickup, 20-year-old steven boyce, had a bottle of rum and several beer cans in the truck. >> they were a good, decent family. they never did nobody wrong. right now i feel it's a great loss. >> boyce is facing dui and involuntary manslaughter charges. investigators say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. his bond hearing is expected to start at noon today. >>> breastfeeding cops are finding new practices by the d.c. police department. the union representing officers says the department created lactation rooms that are unfit for the female officers. the union says the rooms lack privacy, and in some cases are not sanitary. they also issued an order to make sure that healthy officers are out on the streets, and the union is challenging that order, saying it has forced new mothers off desk jobs and out on patrol, which has caused them di
of winchester blew a.7. he has at least two underage of possession of alcohol violations on his record and was on probation for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. >> look what he had -- look what he had to do to be in jail. he had to kill my family to do it. it's not right. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in vienna, virginia. a picnic today in memory of a 19-year-old vivacious, creative woman. her name was vanessa pham. she was stabbed to death. police have no answers, no clue as to who killed her. her presents, family were gathered here both to relive the good times and hopes that a little more publicity will bring forward someone who saw something. there is now a 1,000 reward offered for information leading to an arrest. >> it is still hard to fathom an there has not been the updates. so we don't have the closure or the justice. >> it could happen again. it could be somebody else's daughter or sister or mother or present. i mean it could be -- it could be anybody. young or old. i think everybody should be scared. >> today also marks the anniversary of the disappeara
happened at a stop light in winchester, virginia at 11:00 a.m. sunday morning. the alleged drunken driver, steven boyce, was three times over the legal limit. mark row, his wife and two sons were killed when the gas tank of their jeep cherokee exploded. boyce was driving after having a three-year prison sentence for drug possession suspended. >>> a bizarre attack against police officers. a woman is in jail for going after cops with breast milk. >>> we'll show you the numbers. 83 for a high. record high you might remember it, 99 set last year, we'll come back and talk about a cold front and tell you when the storms are going to roll in. >>> and charlie sheen is making a comeback. we'll have details on his new show deal, after the break. >>> apparently stephanie robinette got drunk at a wedding and then locked herself in the car. when police tried to get her out, she told them she was a breastfeeding mother, pulled out her breasts and assaulted the officers with her breast milk. >>> charlie sheen signed a deal for a new sitcom. you have to figure if he did get a new show, wouldn't he be the
winchester. lightenlightening torrential downpours. 86 at 7 p.m. most of the activity upper 70s. sunshine. mid-70s. thunderstorms in the weekend forecast. complete details coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, howard. >>> not even declared herself a candidate but whether sarah palin runs for president the release of e-mails could come one day after top staffers called it quits in gingrich's campaign. possible changes in the republican race for presidential. daniel nottingham has the story. >> reporter: blaming the staffers' exit is because of a change in stradgy. >> reporter: he says his campaign starts fresh this weekend. the republican presidential candidate will give a speech in los angeles sunday after losing his top advisors and entire iowa team. in a message posted to facebook friday gingrich wrote he is sticking with his strategy. his senior aides believed that wouldn't lead them to the nomination so they left the campaign. he and his wife went on a vacation to the greek isles anyway after his advisors said not to. one of his former advisors joined tim pawlent
a couple overnight pass well to our north and west near winchester. near winchester here at 2:30 up toward washington and frederick counties. out into pennsylvania. we're done with that. for the time being. our temperature, 69 martinsburg. winchester. 73 fredericksburg. lou ann in annapolis, 76. here in washington, 75 going up to 89. angie goff is in this friday morning. timesaver traffic. >> hello, everyone. hope you're having a terrific morning. the roadway is looking a-ok. green light stays on. we take it over to the map. take a closer look at our outer loop this morning. looks like all of the construction has cleared out of the way from 95 to 270 moving it outside, everyone appears to be moving at speed. this is your live condition near the university boulevard exit. back over to the maps, this time, the focus will be on 270. we're tracking that southbound trip in. right now, no problems as drivers make their way out of frederick continuing on toward 109 making their way past 118 germantown road down to the split. this is what you can expect, smooth sailing. as far as your travel times
huudred block of & winchester street where tte 3 a woman is shot in northeast baltimmreetoday. poday.police arrived n the scene here at kirk avenue and abbotston stteet wherr poficers found a woman shot at --3 least twice.she was rushed to johns hopkiis. she is in critical but stable ondition. detectives are investigatiig & --- trying to piece together what exactly happened.but & police do have one perssn in custody tonight.. 3 3& thh body of missing fire cadet... is founn. found. unforttnately we report that it is the body, we 3& rooney goggins a baltimore ccty fireedepartment recruit. 3 goggins body was pulled from the libertyyreseevoir. a boater discovered it around 2:30 this aaternooo. fire cadet, rodney goggiis &pjunior is assuued to have - reservoir nnjune 1st. his paa was found next o the water. the body will be aa the stateemeeical examiner's -&pidentiiication.. those thaa knew goggins bess say they're ssocked he's gone. -3&pgone. & 3 3 3 3& he was an excellent student a - very good team ppayer he was a
airport. 72winchester. fredericksburg at 73. 76annapolis. we're going to see a lot of warm air from the gulf states into the course of the week. temperatures on the rise. frontal system will move through to the north, ridge of high pressure builds in, and that's when we'll see the heat showing up. tuesday is the official first day of summer. guess what? we are heading right to the 90s. once you factor in the heat and humidity, it will feel like from 101 to 105 degrees. be prepared. the heat wave is coming back. tomorrow once again, another day where we have a chance of storms. that's pretty much going to be the case as i said each and every day. the temperatures continue to be on the rise. humidity will be building back in as well. it's going to get pretty uncomfortable as we head through the week. we cool down finally by the time friday rolls around. will? >>> thanks. people living in boulder, colorado woke up to a big surprise friday morning. mother bear and her three cubs were spotted in a tree at a busy local park. the bears were spotted by a jogger. the colorado division of wil
right now. the interstate 81 corridor is damp where it's raining from martinsburg down to winchester and harrisonburg this morning. temperatures around 70. 75 at reagan national. partly cloudy today. high temperatures near 90. there's a cold front that will cause scattered showers and thunderstorms. behind that front looking good tomorrow. mostly sunny and comfortable on wednesday and thursday. >>> looks nice in virginia. 66, 95 395, and the beltway looking good. two separate accidents in annapolis on route 50. one of them is eastbound at rowell boulevard with a shoulder getting through. and another one that i will take you to. westbound 50 at 97. that is a complicated merge. it is complicated even when there isn't an accident. there's more to come, but now to the news. >>> 5:01. a developing story. the crews are racing to keep mother nature's fury from affecting nuclear facilities in mexico and nebraska. those facilities are safe according to officials despite the threats from fire and water. of fire near the los alamos national laboratory has burned nearly 44,000 acres and forced t
for today, mid to upper 70s out there. easton, 79. leesburg, 77. in winchester today, 75. angie goff, it has been a rough morning. >> i know. >> turbulent tuesday on the roadways. hey, everybody. we've got the yellow light on. we're still tracking the crash activity out in the hyattsville area. central avenue, switching on over to our graphics, want to let you know that what we're finding are things are improving, in fact at garrett morgan boulevard. we're learning that one westbound lane still remains blocked. at least traffic is able to get by. earlier it was blocking all lanes. in bethesda, we have the tree still in the roadway. it has taken away the right lane. only one left lane of traffic is able to get by going southbound on old georgetown road at democracy. going over to the map, no issues to report north of the district. on the outer loop. we're going to move it outside and show you that live from 95 to 270. smooth sailing. everyone is moving at a great pace. want to show you your travel times. over to the maps we go, 66 moving smoothly from fairfax over to the capital beltway. only
and winchester at ten. in southern maryland andrews two and a half miles. visibility prince george's county, dew being reported. the temperatures in the 60s, philip newman, 53. cross junction from steve 57. winchester 59. and 68 degrees on the bay this morning. 66 mostly cloudy skies at reagan national though. look mostly sunny on the weather terrace with a light northeast wind. barometer rising at 30 inches even. on the national satellite and radar, high pressure in the middle of the country. yesterday houston shattered their record at 105 # at bush airport in houston. you notice the storms in wisconsin toward chicagoland. high pressure is in control. i'm not expecting much to pop here today. tomorrow north and west in the mountains where we potentially will see storms develop. for this afternoon sunny and warm, 85. a little bit humid. 60s tonight, hot tomorrow, near 90 with an afternoon storm possible, wednesday mid to upper 90s, we'll duplicate it thursday to 97, aahing pie heat wave, in the 80s this weekend with a chance of afternoon storms. celebrate fairfax friday, saturday and sunday we'l
degrees andrews air force base. winchester, 81 degrees. luray, 84. really, it is looking pretty good today. just a few degrees above the average high. your next three days looks like this. 86 and breezy. friday looking good. 82 degrees and lots of sunshine. saturday, warming back up into the upper 80s. we have a slight chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. here is angie with your traffic. >> good morning, everybody. hope you're having a fantastic thursday. really quite an uneventful morning on the roadways which is how we like it. green light stays on. the one we're following, this is out in northeast d.c. what we have is first street. it is currently shut down and the traffic lights are out as crews continue to work the power outage on first street between l and m street. if you're headed out that way, you're definitely going to want to use caution and i want to remind you, you will be following police direction. let's take a closer look at 95 in virginia. you're slow already from the prince william parkway all the way up to route 1 woodbridge as evident from the yellow and red
, it is 48 in frederick. down to 50 in winchester. we've got lots of areas in the low to mid-50s except lower 60s right along the bay. locally, we're down to 51 now in the laytonsville area. reston, 53. manassas and haymarket are 54. prince george's county, you're also in the middle 50s. alexandria, 59. high temperatures today, dry air heats up nicely. it will be gorgeous. look at that. just about everybody, 80 to 83. angie? >> hello. good morning, everybody. so glad you could join us early on this wednesday morning. it is 6:00. the green light is back on because i have some better news out on the west virginia border purcellville area. we had route 9 shut down at shady line all morning. i'm hearing from officials they were able to open up all of the lanes so following that investigation, some great news here. they thought it was going to be closed throughout the rush hour. now let's take a look at other parts of the region. everyone else checking out in the clear. 95 in virginia. if you're tracking that northbound trip, we are very slow as drivers make their way from triangle over to quantic
morning but a very muggy morning. temperatures mid to upper 70s, winchester is 77. cool spots in the low 70s. we're about 80 degrees. monika? >> yucky. >> it is kind of yucky out. unfortunately. but we've got the green light which means traffic is doing ok. good morning, everybody. on the beltway, we'll zoom into 95 and take a look live where we've got a couple of slowdowns right now. two stretches from the prince william parkway as you head up route 123. lorton into springfield. another look at maps right now. we'll zoom into the other side of town. looking at 66 on the inbound side. live right now, it is picking up in volume basically from manassas over to route 28. we'll take a live look. then it is slow again from route 50 to 123. a disabled vehicle just reported at nutley street. no lane information on that as of yet. and now a look at your travel times. on 295 northbound from the beltway to the 11th street bridge, 7 minutes. 95 southbound from 216 to the beltway, 10 minutes. beltway headed to the wilson bridge right now, only 9 minutes. in my next report, andrea, we'll take a look
of winchester. we will zoom in on this storm. this is going to produce some very heavy rain right now. it is right now. this is moving also off to the south and to the east. but not very fast. so again, flash flooding is possible up here. headed essentially for winchester. next hour or so it will move right through gore and maine right into clearbrook with some very heavy rains. maybe not hail but certainly some very heavy rain. so please, if you come across a flood in the street don't cross it by foot or by car. the big picture you can see all the watch boxes popping up here. severe weather continues to the north of us up into pennsylvania and new york state and new jersey. in fact, that will be the bull's eye. any storm that develops will have the potential of being severe and certainly heavy rain. expanded the watch to 95. so it does include montgomery county. technically does not include prince george's county. it does include leesburg and loudoun county and manassas in prince william county. temps. 99 right now at national. state temperatures. 95 in winchester and 97 in frederick
in the 70s. 78 at reagan national. 77 in frederick. 70 in winchester. and 77 for you in ocean city. and here is your forecast. enjoy the day and a lot of sunshine and cooler and less humidity and high temperature only 86 degrees. that's where we should be for this time of year. more details on the forecast and we'll look at the all- important holiday weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. sarah, back to you. >> tucker, thanks. >>> our top story, we are just over 2 hours away from a press conference by president obama. >> he's expected to make his case on everything from the economy to libya to afghanistan. doug luzader is live on capitol hill with more. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning, guys. well he could be asked about anything today at this press conference, but the timing of it indicates he has something to say to congress. it was march when president obama last stepped up to this podium to field questions. and much has transpired since then. for starters, he's now knee- deep in negotiations with republicans to raise the debt ceiling. and polls suggest his image on the eco
there right now. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. 90 right now in winchester. 91 in culpepper and 81 in clinton. it's not the heat, it's the humidity. 98 in frederick. 102 in fredericksburg, those are the kinds of numbers i expect to see everywhere over the next couple days. we'll also see scattered showers and thunderstorms like we have during the day today, probably a little more numerous tomorrow. 84 here in washington, but look toward raliegh, 94 degrees. that's the heat that's trying to work its way into the area. very warm and humid air ahead of a big storm system. that's the one that produced the severe weather. we're going to see showers and storms. we are going to see warm and humid air, maybe that's going to be the worst of what we do see the next couple days. high temperatures nowhere near where they were a couple weeks ago. partly cloudy, quite humid. a few showers. 82 dropping down to 76 degrees by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. tomorrow morning, starting off warm and humid. can't rule out a couple showers early tomorrow morning. but i'm not expecting too much. partly sun
boundary, driving the we weres here, north of winchester and harrisonburg. the storms around harrisonburg for shenandoah county, they're basically severe and continuing to drift in the area. we notice as the storms get to the east of i-81, they begin to weaken and fall a part and let's us know we're stable here that eventually is going to change. i think there is a chance to have a few scattered this evening and waiting on the line to come down this evening. let me show you where the watch is. a big area here and that is third a thunderstorm watch and -- severe thunderstorm watch. this is goingitol until 10:00. as the line moves to the south- southeast, this watch will be extended and may cover the entire area and that includes the counties on either side of the bay, too and there is some things to watch. one think this we're dealing, especially today and yesterday, is that heat. sue is back outside. i have good news for you. the temperature has come down a bit and there is some bad you ins, too. it feels desert-like here and that is not a
will feature thunderstorms. 91 in winchester, virginia. heat advisories kick in tomorrow at noon has temperatures should make the mid to upper 90s. heat index values over 100. you see the philadelphia area with an excessive heat warning. i got a feeling this will be a broken record all corm -- summer. unhealthy air, especially for sensitive groups. as we take a look at the relative humidities, mid-30s, 51 in cambridge. this mugginess is beginning to increase but it's not to the level this will be the next few days. there were a few storms west of us, garrett county into west virginia. we're done with that complex. tropical air continuing to build. big ridge of high pressure, a very summer-like pattern that will build in at least through the end of the week. i got tell you some indications that cold front will not make this down for a few days. so muggier and hotter tomorrow, maybe another round of showers or storms west of us like hagerstown, westward. as we go into your thursday, more likely we'll see pop-up storms and that intense heat of the day, thursday on track to be the hottes
degree above where we should be for this time of the year. hagerstown around 80 degrees. 79 in winchester. the forecast tomorrow, it's going to be cooler. towson around 81 degrees. i think most of the wet weather comes in in the morning and then we could be seeing a few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. the bulk of it in the morning. lake shore tomorrow and looking at the satellite, not picking up on a lot. the satellite picking up son clouds across the area this evening. the radar not picking up on too much rain but this is where it is poised to move in. we do have the chance for thunderstorms as we head into the overnight and into tomorrow morning. that weather pattern showing you the heat and humidity going to move in as we go into tuesday, the first day of summer. you know how we call a cool front a cold front, but this warm front should be a hot front because behind it we'll deal with hot and humid air to be re-enforced for the next several days. the heat wave is 3 days or more in the 90s. that's what i'm forecasting for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. this goes into motio
popping up towards winchester. here's one of the reasons why. heat and humidity combining for heat index values that are off the chart. 101 in easton, feeling like a tropical 99 with the humidity down in ocean city. so not a lot of relief. humidity levels, dew point numbers vest development shall -- 70s. i think federal hill. the cool front will not really cool down the temps all that much. the biggest thing it will drop the humidity. eldersburg look for 74, same thing in ton nis town. south of the state line. storms all over virginia right now but staying south of maryland. you see this clear weather back in the midwest all pushing in behind this frontal boundary that's poised to move in. boy, hot humid air just surging up today adding 10 degrees to the highs we had yesterday. you can see aren't the east coast things were bake. how about our chance for storms. things will be slim but there until 1067b8g9 -- 10:00. of a 10 it's -- after 10 it's over. same deal on thursday. a couple of great days before the heat comes back. most of us noticing things clearing out. 85 for the high tomorrow
've got 73 degrees at d.c., 68 at gaithersburg, 70 in hagerstown, 73 at winchester. we've got that frontal system that will move its way through, nice strong ridge of canadian high pressure heads its way in. that will bring in cooler drier air that will settle in as we move into the upcoming week and we've got no shortage of sunshine to start your week. it's going to be very pleasant and comfortable. by midday tomorrow sunshine, 77 degrees. 79 by the 5:00 hour. our high will be 82 degrees for you tomorrow and as we move through into the course of the week temperatures are a far cry from those 90s. we have some storms from low pressure system that we'll be keeping a close eye on by the time thursday night comes around. that looks like it will kick in moving into friday. right now about a 40% chance of that happening, but let's enjoy the beginning of the week as we get into sunshine, low humidity, comfortable temperatures and we're out of that heatwave finally, will, and everybody will get a little bit of a break to enjoy is the beginning of the week. >> we have earned this break, haven't we
at the 2500 block of winchester. derek valcourt, wjz news. >> anyone who has information can earn money by calling 888-7- lockup. >>> detectives tell us that a woman was shot several times this afternoon. they found a man matching the suspect's description right around the corner. we're told that woman right now is in critical condition. >>> investigators are trying to figure out how a man died at owins mill. police think he died of natural causes but they're still waiting for autopsy reports. >>> police also investigating a deadly crash that happened this morning in middle river. two other passengers were hurt in that crash but they should be okay. police have not identified the driver yet. >>> baltimore is in the spot light for the first time ever. as gigi barnett explains, their weekend is a business and fun. >> reporter: father's day begins with a little sweat. led by baltimore raven's linebacker ray lewis. it's the kind of star treatment these city officials have seen over the last few days as baltimore hosts the annual u.s. conference of mayors. >> i love the city of baltimore. th
bad. we are in the 60's with a little humidity locally and south of town. winchester, 61 along with frederick and gaithersburg. manasseh's at 63. 69 in quantico. -- manassas at 63. the average high is 82. today, 84. hot and humid air will move into the region. near 90 degrees tomorrow. we will be in the upper 90's on wednesday and thursday with a lot of sunshine and maybe thunderstorms by friday and into the weekend. now let's look provokes. >>> nice and smooth. there was debris on 95 at 216. some folks suffered damage from that. you might find a little activity on both shoulders. no activity on 95 in virginia. looks good between fredericksburg and springfield. no problems at the 14th street bridge. looks good on the beltway at the wilson bridge. 66 eastbound, clearing construction. >>> 4:41, 66 degrees. >> another candidate gets ready to join the already crowded list of gop white house hopefuls. >> two new drugs freight rail delivered caterpillar to peoria more than 100 years ago. and they're still delivering cat machines today. you can find us on every continent. and the j
and west in the 50's in hagerstown martinsburg, and winchester. 63 in fredericksburg, 68 at annapolis. quiet and dry. high-pressure walked across the midlantic. looks good for the weekend on the beaches. tens of a few showers late saturday night in to police sunday. not going to amount to a lot. today, temperatures around 80- 85. plenty of sunshine, wind out of the north at 10-15. mainly clear tonight 52. if a chance of showers in the late evening tomorrow. otherwise partly cloudy added♪with temperatures in the mid '80s's. >>> two issues to address in traffic. 66 westbound outside the beltway in good shape. there was overnight construction in springfield that is gone. no problems northbound. that is what you are watching. headlights heading northbound. i spoke with maryland state police. 2:30 this morning two-vehicle accident. one lane gets by at sorrento road -- surratt rd. all lanes southbound on route 5 are open. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:41 63 degrees. >> coming up, why a trip to ocean city could cost you twice as much. >> multiple attacks on women in georgetown with an a
temperatures. noticed the dewpoints number. they are lower right here, martinsburg, winchester, frederick, and hagerstown. there is a cold front to the north. that front will be lifting the norse word again. it feels like -- when you factor in the humidity, it feels like 92 degrees downtown. nothing compared to what we had yesterday. up to 105 degrees and above it. clear skies overhead. thunderstorms are falling apart in eastern ohio. we should have some storms developing especially off to the northwest of d.c., later on this afternoon and evening. a similar set up like what we had yesterday in terms of aerial coverage. about half of the viewing area. in terms of severe thunderstorms, a slight risk mainly in the midwest, so we are not expecting an outbreak of severe weather but one or two isolated thunderstorms could pop up. be careful out there. you are safe in your car against lightning. muggy, kind of like last night. for the weekend, we do have thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon and evening for saturday. saturday, we will have the scattered storms across the region. overall, he wil
conditioning. look at the temperature is right now. 57 degrees in winchester. we only made it into the high as 70's the first day in more than three weeks. all because of this nice air. thank you very much for that delightful air. it is a cool night that we have out there. i will tell you about what the name of that mood is. i will tell you all the details. >> we are lacking that. we are -- we are liking that. find out where a new earthquake has liquefied the ground. go to wjla.com. >>> we have a warning that you need to see before tomorrow morning's commute. also coming up, but congressman and his therapy. could his leave of absence help anthony weiner save his job? are the redskins preparing to move? >>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, up with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. >>> a bomb threats at the rockville metro station turned out to be a hoax. police have arrested the 50- year-old woman who made the false claims. she was making threats when she boarded the train. she then dropped to run these and started praying. police evacuated the sta
in winchester now. a little rain since midnight. that is indicative of the showers we had this morning moving west. mt. airy only thegot .1 inches. here are the numbers. it was in the 70's across the board. very comfortable conditions. there are a lot of areas of the country steaming. dallas has been up around 100 degrees for seven or eight days. that high is moving our way. because of our location, we will only stay in the 90-degree range for a few days. you will feel it. it is on the way. we will be 90 tomorrow. the humidity levels will increase. we will get a break by the weekend. it is very comfortable here and portions north and west. the next system is getting weaker. we could see a shower overnight towards tomorrow morning. things will heat up through the afternoon. we may have to deal with thunderstorm activity. this shows conditions expected for the next couple days. there will be heat and humidity with scattered thunderstorms in the afternoons. the cold front will add more storms on friday afternoon. there will be a bit of a break for the weekend. tomorrow will be warm and humid nea
is our temperature outside right now. 72 degrees. you folks out in winchester, 61 degrees. here come the clouds. you can see they are breaking up. we are still in a rather dry pattern. let me show you the doppler right now. nothing around us. you can get an idea. as this moves through the mountains, it is sort of drying up. there may be some sprinkles tomorrow morning to some light showers. meanwhile, the action is down in south carolina. still some severe thunderstorm watches and warnings out until 1:00 in the morning. our temperatures again they were really delightful. i will get out of the way. he down to our south. nashville in the 90's. as we shift with this pattern of the northwesterly flow you will be seeing that moisture coming in on us and staying with us for a couple of days. first, some light rain showers and then that humidity back in and around us. during the day while some of these showers will be breaking up, i think with the humidity, which will be seeing some afternoon showers and thunderstorms as we get into tomorrow afternoon -- we will be seeing some. tomorrow aro
to summer. let's take a look at the conditions right now outside. 81 degrees in winchester. we still have the cloud cover overhead the metro area. where we have cleared out, it is warmer. up near 90 degrees for the high temperature this afternoon. the humidity has been increasing since yesterday evening. severe weather tomorrow -- more about that when we come back. >>> montgomery county's department of health and human services building is closed today because of a broken air conditioning system. the crisis center on the first floor will remain open. >>> public polls are open beginning today. for all of your heat wave related coverage and what you need to stay safe in the heat, go to the weather page of our website, wjla.com. >>> this is the last full day of spring and it has spawned tornadoes and hailstorms all across the country. a powerful twisters were caught on tape. residents say they are thankful for warnings. >> it is coming right at us guys. >> over 40 reported tornadoes staggering in their size, sweeping across the midwest. >> that thing is incredible. >> just outside of omaha n
pattern at noon hour, we are comfortable in the 70 degree range. winchester, 70. so we are talking about high temperatures near 80 degrees. and this is not just for a day or two. this should last all workweek. the dew point is in the 40, 50's, and when it is there, it is comfortable and not humid. we will have some filtered sun shine later this afternoon and evening, but over all a pleasant, sunny day. notice some showers in new england and canada. that will draft sow throughout the day. that should increase our cloud cover tomorrow and it could also give us a brief shower east and northeast of the metro area. we are picking up on that tomorrow or tomorrow night. perhaps some isolated sprinkles. otherwise, tomorrow will be pleasant. clear and comfortable tonight. open some windows. we will be in the 50's tomorrow morning. upper 70's tomorrow. we go from record-breaking heat last week to early spring-like conditions this week. the humidity will wrap up by the weekend. >> at 6 is taking center stage today at the d.c. council. they are held -- they are said to hold a hearing on an ethics re
's, we are back there next week. 74 at megan national. winchester, 73. 72 in fredericksburg. 77 in lexington park. a lot of hot weather brought the country pushed away from here. remember yesterday that high pressure moves off the east coast ended a number of us. writing club set the stage slowly over the next phase, the heat and humidity will build in, and those temperatures, and what will find happening over the next couple of days is a continuation of daily thunderstorm activity. as far as the cloud cover right now, it has been pretty regular as the rainfall has been sporadic, but we have seen that lined up in little channels. keep in touch. even in the weekend specialist and a, it looks like they are likely once again. this is our futurecast. we see areas of clout and sunshine here. late a storm on saturday, but when the system is closer sunday, our chances will start to increase. 71 late tonight. monday night -- monday in the morning. mid-80's in the afternoon. good chance of showers and storms. hot and humid with those chances of thunderstorms. >> the toyota sports desk, b
in winchester, 70 in frederick 73 in lexington park. rain through lunchtime and some lingering until afterwards. gradual clearing this afternoon and evening. we will have a couple hours of sunshine this afternoon and evening before sunset. 80 for the high temperature. sun sign tomorrow and former highs near 90 degrees -- there will be some sign tomorrow with high temperatures near 90. we have rain chances every day this work week. high temperatures by wednesday in the mid 90's. then drying out and cooling down for the upcoming weekend. now to lisa baden. >>> there's a class on 95 in virginia northbound between thornburg and fredericksburg. -- a crash. and there is one southbound near dumfries. now, traffic in springfield in this camera, headlights are headed northbound. traffic away from us on the way to richmond. things look good on both sides of the beltway at route 1. >>> president obama spent father's day like many other fathers in our area. with his children. sunday he took his daughter is true and homemade ice cream shop in georgetown. the president said that he is blessed to have childr
for this hour. 82 degrees in winchester. 86 degrees down in fredericksburg. if you are looking for drier air, head for the great lakes area. of this heat and humidity continues to push into our area. brush fires in eastern north carolina. the 71 degrees the dewpoints level right now. the cooler drier air -- it is going to take a few more days to arrive. it will depend on how hot or cold it gets on saturday and sunday. our skies had cleared a nicely for the time being. in will clear out by about 11:00 tonight. tomorrow another round of showers and storms in the some of them might become severe. the lower a d's. looking for temperatures in the upper 60's to mid 70's. the extended outlook shows the potential for cooler air by the end of the upcoming weekend. check out our interactive radar. >>> 7 is on your side with a warning about illegal and legal fireworks. the fourth of july is less than two weeks away. the federal government wants consumers to know that fireworks can be very dangerous. look at that. last year, nearly 9000 people ended up in an emergency room. the consumer product safety c
per hour. 82 at winchester. fredericksburg, 86. lexington park, at 86 degrees. heat index not much of a problem. but the dew points levels much cooler. especially out to the west, mid-fifties and cumberland. you can feel the atmosphere, a lot more moist and the dukeland novels are starting to fall. cold front attest to the rest of us. this could trigger showers even from embedded thunderstorms. the best chance is east of interstate 95. by sunset, things should start to settle boundary at doppler radar, a few showers across southern pennsylvania. futurecast over the next 48 hours will show skies starting to clear. for the day tomorrow that is good news. sunshine on the way. temperatures cooler compared to today. ocean city, 81 degrees. saturday and sunday, water temperature in let me-to-upper- 60's. chance of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. scattered clouds. by tomorrow, looking good. here is the extended outlook. warm-up by monday, tuesday and wednesday brought a better chance for showers. wjla.com your online home for abc7. ducktail will be here later this afternoo
81 from martinsburg towards winchester and front royal, there are areas of light to moderate rain moving east and dissipating. 75 in the district, 72 in leesburg 68 in frederick. becoming partly cloudy later this morning after the showers pass. scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. high temperatures near 90 degrees. big changes with a cold front moving through and that will mean more comfortable conditions tomorrow, less humid with a lot of sunshine over the next couple days. warming up again on the weekend. >>> things are heating up on the roads. there's a serious crash for anyone heading towards the bay bridge and through the annapolis area. 50 eastbound all lanes are closed because of a longstanding accident. that is at rowell boulevard. toward in bowie, is open. i have not heard any word about a detour in place. interstate 95 is open between richmond and baltimore. we will show you a live picture of traffic in virginia, on 95. we will keep an eye on route 50. >> 395 has construction as well. >>> a developing story from new mexico. firefighters are trying to keep a fast-movin
of a car stopped at a red light in winchester. a family of foruur died in the crash. his blood alcohol level tested three times the legal limit. >>> friends and family members of the missing teacher are praying for his safe return. a prayer service was held last night of our lady of good counsel catholic church in vienna. he went to virginia beasch onch on a mission trip, and has not been heard from. he does not doubt that he's teaching contract was not renewed. his father thinks he might be distraught. >>> the 2012 campaign. large crowds and to sarah palin and she made her first visit to iowa. she was there to attend the premiere of "the undefeated," a documentary about her time as alaskas governor. >>> president obama will try to get congress to raise the nation's borrowing limit. he and joe biden will meet with senate democratic leaders this afternoon. they will look for ways to break the stalemate over the debt ceiling. democrats want new tax revenues, while republicans want trillions of dollars in spending cuts. canad>>> christine lagarde will take over as head of the imf next wee
. winchester 68. ocean city down at the beach 75 there. look at atlantic city, though, 65 cool degrees. our satellite and radar pictures show a lot of cloud cover but very little in the way of rain in our area. hagerstown maybe had a stray shower earlier. i don't think that touched the ground. more of the rain has been in the new jersey area. i think that's where it's going to stay. there is disturbance to the west. look at the southern states. heat index values as we speak, more than 100 across places like memphis, montgomery, nashville. seering heat to the south. i don't anticipate that to make a move in our direction and even that doesn't look all that hot. stray showers. as we go into wednesday we clear the sky. looks like a dry, beautiful sunny wednesday, gorgeous day. into our thursday clouds will increase but the chance for rain holds off until late thursday. disturbance out of the southwest. this will likely perhaps bring a few showers early friday but friday night looking dry. overnight 55. tonight with variable clouds and take a look at this, gorgeous wednesday. 80 degrees. a lot
is at 84 degrees. i feel like i'm looking at the slots into winchester and hagerstown. cooler in oakland at 68 degrees. the cold front has passed and it's working its way towards us. these are the dew points i wanted to show you now. you can see the green, that's where you'll dealing with the 60s. the measure of the moisture in the air, that's around 58 degrees now. that's definitely starting to trickle in. the highs today came around 87 degrees into baltimore and 90 in d.c. and frederick, the low 80s and in to york, pennsylvania. the satellite isn't picking up on a lot. we're getting sunshine in here for the evening. it's a beautiful evening to be out and about. we'll see showers and thunderstorms basically up to the north and west. the counterclockwise spin, there's an upper level low. but, we're waiting for this cold front to move through. it's going to be bringing in dryer air across the area and cooler air, too. it will feel good into the weekend. high pressure is working its way in here as well. the future castor is showing us what we're seeing. we'll see a few clouds throughout th
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